Balanced Scorecard
BSC Perspectives
The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic management methodology implemented to ensure performance is aligned with the goals and objectives of an organization.

Learning & Growth Perspective

The Learning and Growth perspective places attention on developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees. This category enables organization’s long-term recruiting needs as well, by providing an opportunity to consider the types of skills and employees required in order to fulfill the challenges and demands of the future.

Customer Perspective

The Customer perspective focuses on meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders and the ability to anticipate future needs and respond to changes. Measures developed in this category are often centered around increasing and improving customer satisfaction.

Scorecard Components

Financial Perspective

The Financial perspective focuses on improving cost and productivity, enhancing asset utilization and reducing risk. Measures developed in this category are often centered around economic value added initiatives, return on capital employed and return on investment.

Internal Process Perspective

The Internal Processes perspective is geared towards improving process efficiency and effectiveness. Measures developed in this category often focus on time-reduction efforts, decreasing the amount of errors and eliminating bottlenecks and non-value adding steps within a process.


























Process Improvement