Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) involves the reevaluation of processes, techniques and interventions after implementation. While Business Reengineering is at the forefront of this process, CPI is the reassessment and evaluation of the business reengineering efforts. CPI assesses whether the intended outcomes have been achieved and if the results are as expected.

Once interventions to improve productivity and enhance efficiency are in place, the process does not end. It is crucial to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the interventions. It is easy to become complacent and never revisit the issues again however, such a state can lead to larger problems arising.

Revisiting process improvement efforts enables organizations the opportunity to determine 'what's working' and 'what's not working' and why. The demanding needs of organizations and constant changes, indicate that what may have worked previously may not prove successful two to five years from now. Taking proactive and preventative measures rather than reacting to problems as they occur, helps in reduction of errors and costs, minimizes loss and places organizations in a position to maximize gain.

Continuous Process Improvement
Process Improvement