Leveraging Resources

It is essentially an organization's responsibility to capitalize upon organizational strengths and understand
weaknesses and challenges within the organization. Maximizing this knowledge to enhance productivity and
performance is critical to success. In order to successfully maximize and leverage resources, it is imperative that
organizations accurately understand their current state as well as how to adequately utilize their most
important collateral—employees.

By conducting a thorough organizational analysis, insight is gained into the overarching principles, objectives and challenges. Understanding these critical aspects is key in capitalizing off of the positives, while simultaneously eliminating non-value added processes of an organization.

Effectively leveraging resources leads to strengthening of the infrastructure and overall business acumen of the organization. Human and financial capital can be harnessed, subsequently leading to longevity and sustainability.

Benchmarking can occur as well as implementation of best practices and planning of 'next practices'. Accurate forecasting and projection can take place also, ultimately solidifying the long-term goals of the organization. Competency models are one of the tools used in the process of leveraging resources.