Career Management

Career Management is a vast area encompassing development, transitioning, training, growth, and succession planning. Throughout the career process, employees become aware of their own interests, values, strengths and weaknesses. Employees also identify career goals, personal motivators and establish action plans to achieve their career goals and objectives. Employers play an instrumental role in the career management process and can establish an environment mutually beneficial and conducive to overall success. By successfully implementing initiatives to assess, develop, maintain and retrain employees throughout their careers, employers can reduce turnover rates and sustain a highly productive and successful workforce. When employees are provided with opportunities for continued growth and professional development as well as choices which offer career alternatives and other avenues of success, they are less likely to look elsewhere for employment and more often remain vested in their current employer. In these instances, employees tend to be much happier, perform at an optimal level and commit themselves to the employer. The below links provide examples of tools which can be used in the career development process.

Increasing Employee Engagement
Skills Self-Assessment
Career Landscape