Training and Development

Key Considerations


Training and Development -- Includes the planned effort [and facilitation] of learning and retaining employment-related competencies (KSAO's). T&D consists of comprehensive needs assessment, training design and employing instructional technology methods in the development, management, implementation and evaluation of training. (F2F, online)

Adult Learning -- Design and develop goal/relevancy oriented training, with an emphasis on motivation (e.g., Keller, ARCS) Use Adult Learning Theories such as constructivist, cognitive and behaviorist as the underlying foundation towards process/performance improvement and the reduction of errors and employee turnover.

Knowledge Management
-- Focuses on the effective management and retention of information, data, and knowledge critical to the operations and success of the organization, including but not limited to employees' skills, abilities, and competencies.

Team Leadership -- Successfully integrate individual employee contributions towards the collaborative effort of group goal achievement. Within team leadership the collaborative effort of employees is geared towards problem solving and meeting objectives.